Who uses Ergon Technique?

Ergon IASTM Therapist

Ergon IASTM Therapist is a clinical therapist able to effectively:

  • Assess potential fascial dysfunctions,
  • Approach, in a therapeutic manner, areas that cannot be easily reached by human fingers,
  • Intervene on stiff tissue,
  • Restore the joints range of motion within the space of a few treatment sessions,
  • Produce controlled and targeted re-injury in cases of overuse injuries (tendinopathy – injuries due to overuse),
  • Accelerate tissue healing by activating fibroblasts,
  • Treat the majority of musculoskeletal and sports injuries,
  • Apply functional rehabilitation techniques,
  • Apply combined techniques (ERGON ®Technique and kinesiotherapy)

Professional sports clubs use Ergon Technique


Basketball Teams

AEK BC, European Champion League, A1 National Division Korivos BC, A1 National Division Rethymno Cretan Kings, A2 National Division OFI BC, A2 National Division Penteli BC, 2nd National Division Akrata BC,2nd National Division


Soccer Teams

National Team of Greece National Team of Cyprus Atromitos FC, 1ST National Division Ioannina FC, 1ST National Division AEL FC, 1st National Division of Cyprus Anorthosis FC, 1st National Division of Cyprus Apollon FC, 1ST National Division of Cyprus


Volleyball Teams

AEK, 1st National Division Elioupolis, 1st National Division Olympiacos 1st National Division ,Challenge Cup Europe



Serifato, 1st National Division AEK, 1st National Division



All teams of the 1st National Division of Greece



Olympiakos , 1st National Division of Greece


Martial arts

Professional athletes of Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Boxing

ERGON Technique is in collaboration with Universities and clinical centers

Educational institutes with research on ERGON technique