Ergon Technique team interview in greek sports news site

Back in September, we got the chance to sit down with reporter Demetres Dalatariof from the top Greek sports news site

We spoke about ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE, its benefits in musculoskeletal treatment and -of course- the exclusive training sessions we held the past few years with the medical staff of 13 of the strongest football and basketball teams.

You can read here the full interview in Greek.

Discussion flew quickly from what the ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE is to how our collaboration with major sports teams came about. Our team had the honor of visiting the headquarters of top teams to train their medical staff exclusively, including AC Milan, Juventus FC, Atletico Madrid FC, Arsenal FC, the National Soccer Team of Italy, Armani Milano BC, Olympiakos BC, Jenoa FC, Sampdoria FC, Roma FC, PAOK FC, Atromitos FC and Bristol City FC.

“When surrounded by top rehabilitation professionals, you are required to present evidence-based techniques. And training is always interactive, it involves exchanging knowledge and experiences. We have certainly learned a lot in the process.” said Ass. Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Fousekis, Educational Director of ERGON TECHNIQUE.

An additional 176 rehabilitation professionals working for sports teams have participated in ERGON IASTM Technique courses. These include several National Football Teams such as Serbia, Poland and Slovenia, as well as many other sports clubs. “We have been truly fortunate to encounter different rehabilitation philosophies, in the process. The same goes for the varying treatment perspectives we come across through our in-class courses in 36 countries and 4 continents” said Konstantinos Mylonas, CEO of ERGON TECHNIQUE.

The main question during our interview was “how”. How did ERGON TECHNIQUE become known to the medical staff of sports teams? ERGON research is the most obvious answer. Since 2015, we study fascia and soft tissue mobilization. Our team is constantly conducting research on soft tissue treatment and publishing our findings in scientific journals. We do not limit our research to athletic injuries and pathologies but rather try to cover a variety of musculoskeletal conditions pertaining to general population as well.

Dr. Fousekis explained that “With ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE we can effectively assess and treat muscle spasm, trigger points, fibromyalgia, painful joint pathologies, all cases of tendonitis and tendinopathy, strains, sprains and ligament ruptures, and many more. We also get a much quicker recovery from orthopedic surgery patients. All in all, benefits to patients are noteworthy.”.

All in all, ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE treatment is offered by more than 4.300 therapists worldwide. You may find your nearest ERGON Therapist in our interactive map.

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