New book chapter on sports rehabilitation

The book chapter “Soft-Tissue Techniques in Sports Injuries Prevention and Rehabilitation” was published on 25 February 2021 in IntechOpen.

The chapter analyzes the therapeutic effects of different soft tissue therapeutic interventions, including massage, IASTM (instument assisted soft tissue mobilization), elastic ischemic bandaging/flossing and cupping therapy. Recent scientific evidence support their effectiveness on soft tissue’s dysfunctions and various pathological conditions.

Authors include ERGON TECHNIQUE team members Konstantinos Mylonas, Pavlos Angelopoulos, Konstantinos Fousekis et. al.

Read the full chapter here.

The full book “Recent advances in Sports Science” (ISBN 978-1-83969-141-6, edited by: Prof. Redha Taiar) is expected to be published within 2021.


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