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IASTM University Course

Course Description

This hybrid blended learning course is offered by the University of Patras, Greece, in collaboration with ERGON Technique, only in Greek language. The program lasts a total of 5 weeks, including 86 hours of training. It is developed as a combination of online learning, asynchronous online learning and in-class training.

  1. Assess:
    1. scan muscles and fascia to locate fibrous tissue
  2. Release:
    1. mobilize the cross-links between connective tissue
    2. stimulate anabolic processes of soft tissues
    3. reduce accumulation of scar tissue
    4. reduce the stiffness of already formed accumulations of connective tissue
    5. induce controlled micro injuries to induce linear tissue re-attachment
    6. change the microvascular morphology and induce hyperemia
    7. increase fibroblast recruitment and activation leading to regeneration and restoration of the injured collagen
  3. Correct:
    1. accelerate tissue recovery through increased blood flow and fibroblasts activation
    2. facilitate reflex changes and correct muscle activation patterns
    3. restore elasticity of soft tissue
    4. mobilize oedemas and hematomas
    5. increase muscle tension around joints increase histamine response after mast cell action
    6. correct postural alterations
  4. Perform:
    1. reduce pain and muscle spasm
    2. restore range of motion of joints
    3. contribute to functional rehabilitation
    4. improve blood and lymph flow

Who is it for?

The training program is developed and taught in Greek language and therefore requires good knowledge Greek.

This training program is specifically developed for health scientists involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of myoperitoneal / myofascial disorders. These include physiotherapists and physicians of various specialties, who wish to update and deepen their knowledge with the latest data on the use of myoperitoneal / myofascial equipment based on the ERGON ΙASTM Technique.

The training program is also addressed to professional Physiotherapists who have already participated in previous individual training seminars of ERGON IASTM and have been certified as such.

Learning objectives

The aim of this program is to train health scientists in the well-documented application of the ERGON IASTM Technique for the prevention and rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and pathologies. Trainees will acquire:


New knowledge as well as the practical skill to apply techniques and methods of myoperitoneal / myofascial release and mobilization of the soft tissues of the body,


Basic knowledge of functional anatomy, histology and function of the human fascia,


Knowledge necessary to analyze pathological peritoneal / fascia adaptations.

Course Outline


The course is conducted as follows:


8 hours of online learning. i.e. 4 two-hours lectures,


56 hours of asynchronous online learning, including presentation of educational material and completing learning activities and tasks,


22 hours of in-class training in the form of laboratory practice.

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