ERGON IASTM Therapy Fundamentals

Learn all ERGON IASTM strokes plus how to treat neck, shoulders, low back, groin, knees and ankles.

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Beginner Level No previous IASTM experience required.

1 day course Approximately 10 hours to complete.

Reading material – Extensive supplemental reading materials

English language Subtitles: English.


You will learn:

  • The theoretical basis of IASTM and its effect on the treatment of soft tissue.
  • All ERGON IASTM strokes, basic and advanced.
  • Understanding the proper use of clinical equipment (ERGON Tools) to safely:
    • assess myofascial restrictions;
    • perform myofascial release on local adhesions or larger anatomical areas;
    • gradually elevate treatment intensity and enrich with dynamic treatment techniques.
  • Practical treatment of pathologies and injuries of the:
    1. neck,
    2. shoulders,
    3. low back,
    4. groin,
    5. knees, and
    6. ankles .

Applicable knowledge

Videos include techniques, practical applications and strokes. IASTM enhances treatment power of rehabilitation programs for effective treatment of:

  • motion impairment, including decreased range of motion
  • muskuloskeletal pain, including painful joints and bony surfaces
  • joint disorders, including reduced or excessive joint mobility and instability
  • postural alterations caused by muskuloskeletal dysfunction and/or lifestyle.

Who is it for?

This course is addressed to rehabilitation and healthcare professionals and students. Prior experience in soft tissue mobilization techniques is not needed.




 A. Introduction: The ERGON IASTM treatment effects

Let’s get started with an introductory brief to learn about mechanical and neurophysiological adaptations of IASTM and the ERGON IASTM therapy effects.

B. The ERGON Strokes: IASTM basics

Part 1: Now we enter the practical part of this training. Watch the video showcasing all ERGON Strokes, basic and advanced.

Part 2: Let’s continue with reading the training manual of this course to get deeper insights on IASTM treatment.

At this point you may wish to watch the video again to refresh practical parts of the treatment.

C. Extra: IASTM Safety

  1. IASTM Precautions & Contraindications: Read and understand the conditions when IASTM cannot be safely applied as part of a rehabilitation treatment program.
  2. Safety of IASTM Tools Use: Read the rules for safe use of ERGON IASTM tools and IASTM tools in general



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Once you enroll you gain full access to all course material. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for our online courses.

For how do I have access to the Course Material?

Your access starts once you enroll and lasts for exactly 3 months. If you wish to extend your subscription to the course, we offer a 3-month extension with 25% discount from the current price.

Do I receive a Certificate?

When you complete the course, a Certificate is issued to your name free of charge and added to your online account. From there, you may download and share this Certificate as needed.

Is the course available on desktop and mobile?

The course is specially developed to be available on mobile and laptop or desktop computer.

Is this course developed by ERGON TECHNIQUE?

This course is designed and realized by ERGON TECHNIQUE. It incorporates knowledge and techniques as taught in our in-class courses.

Will I earn university credit for completing the Course?

This Course does not carry university credit.