Beauty Soft-Tissue Mobilization


What is Beautystim Technique ?

Beautystim  is a therapeutic approach combining static and dynamic manipulations of the body’s soft tissue with special clinical equipment for aesthetic purposes. Beautystim stand for beauty soft tissue mobilization.

The technique was created through applied research and long-term evaluation at the Human Evaluation and Rehabilitation Laboratory of the Physiotherapy Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.

Beautystim® Technique  is an innovative development of older IASTM approaches (GUA SHA, Tools assisted massage technique etc.) and is based on the myofascial meridians theory as first described by Thomas Myers.

The Beautystim Soft Tissue Τechniques are applied on specific points of tissue restrictions and fascial adhesions along the fascial meridians; when these are released, somatic appearance and functionality improves within a few treatment sessions.

The Beautystim Technique relies on unique clinical equipment called Beautystim Tools. Beautystim Tools applied with special Beautystim Tools can accelerate lymphatic drainage,

  • regain skin elasticity and release –loosen scar tissues, adhesions and fascial stiffness, increase collagen production,
  • induce facial remodeling (lifts) and body sagging skin to become firmer
  • reduce cellulite of various somatic areas and double chin,]
  • firm breasts abdomen and buttocks
  • improve human posture and somatic appearance.
  • Provide anti-aging options (treatment of oxidative stress) 

The therapeutic effect of Beautystim Technique is sustained for many days afterwards, and when combined with other aesthetic techniques can even become permanent.

This particular technique allows ERGON®-certified therapists to a) assess with precision myofascial areas of high sensitivity, and b) restore biomechanical function of joints by dissolving adhesions, regaining normal myofascial rolling and reducing muscle spasm and pain.

The Beautystim® Technique is ideal for the treatment of cellulite, fluid retention, facial edema, swollen legs, varicose veins, edema, post-plastic surgery (abdominoplasty, liposuction), lymphedema, ede and other aesthetic problems.

Beautystim® Technique Educational System


The Educational-Training system of the Ergon® IASTM Technique is based on a two-day intensive Course.


Beautystim® Technique

Aims of Beautystim® Technique Course

The primary aim of   Beautystim Technique  seminar is the theoretical and practical education and training of participants in the innovative techniques of Beautystim   ® Instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment. The largest part of the Seminar concerns the guided application of Beautystim® techniques in all anatomical structures (based on the fascial meridians of the body) and for all common aesthetic issues.

In the framework of the Beautystim Technique seminar, trainees will be taught basic techniques of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and there will afterwards be an extensive practical lesson on their specialized use in the treatment of cellulite, fluid retention, facial edema, swollen legs, varicose veins, edema, post-plastic surgery (abdominoplasty, liposuction), lymphedema, edema , fpregnancy and other aesthetic problems and b) in body shaping (lifting) procedures.

Beautystim Technique is the only IASTM procedure worldwide developed for aesthetic and bodyshaping aims.


Learning Objectives of Beautystim® Technique   Course.

At the end of the training, trainees will have gained theoretical education on the subject of aesthetic IASTM treatment procedures being fully capable to:

  • Assess possible fascial pathologies\
  • accelerate lymphatic drainage of various somatic areas
  • induce facial remodeling (lifts)
  • reduce cellulite of various somatic areas and double chin
  • Provide anti-aging options (treatment of oxidative stress) 
  • treat of cellulite, fluid retention, facial edema, swollen legs-arms, varicose veins, edema, post-plastic surgery (abdominoplasty, liposuction)
  • induce body-shape adaptations

Participation Requirements for the Beautystim® Technique Course.

Candidates desiring to participate in Beautystim Technique   training seminar are required to have:

A Health Science bachelor of Science (Medical Doctors, Aestheticians, Physiotherapists, Manual Therapist, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Manual therapists, Massage Therapists, Sports Scientists, Athletic Trainers, Yoga Practitioners etc)

Theoretical knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology of the human body

Any prior experience in Aesthetic Medicine will be helpful for better understating the seminar.


Program Structure of Beautystim® Technique Course.

The duration of the Beautystim Technique   training program is 12 hours, divided into 2 days.


Teaching Method.

In order to achieve optimal understanding and clinical application of Beautystim Technique, the maximum number of participants will be 30 individuals.

There will be two Beautystim ®Clinical Instructors, one acting as basic instructor, and the other as assistant instructor.

Theory presentations will be done with the aid of PowerPoint and videos. At the end of the theoretical course, there will be a practical application of techniques up to the point where participants can perform them without flaws. Trainees will be provided with full equipment (Beautystim® tools) for performing the techniques, as well as for their overall participation in the Seminar.

Furthermore, all participants will receive teaching material that will include videos, images and texts, which they can consult for any questions past the completion of the seminar.


Timetable of Beautystim® Technique Course



9:00- 10:00 (1 hour) Introduction to the Beautystim Techniques:
Basic theoretical principles, indications and contraindications, expected results from techniques use


(1 hour)

7th Lab. Gluteals shaping

(Superficial back line-Functional line)

10.00-11.00 (1 hour) 1st Lab. Beautystim Strokes:
Demonstration of Beautystim strokes – application of the techniques by the students


(1 hour)

8th Lab. Cellulite –Lymphatic drainage

(lateral line)

11:00- 11:15 1st Break 11.00-11.15 2nd Break
11.15-11:30 (15 min) Face-Neck Fascial System: Anatomy of facial meridians, function, interaction with other soft tissues 10:30- 12.00 (1 hour) 9th Lab. Cellulite –Lifting/Tightening
11.30-12.30 (1 hour) 2nd Lab. Face –Lympatic Drainage 12.00-13.00 (1 hour) 10th Lab. Lower back/lower extremities –Lymphatic Drainage/pathologies
12.30-13.30 (1 hour)

3rd Lab. Face – Skin Tightening-Lifting


13.00-14.00 (1 hour) 11th Hip Adductors lymphatic -shaping


Lunch break


Discussion – Evaluation and Participation Certifications awarding
14:30- 15:30 (1 hour)

4th Lab. Breast re-shaping

(Front-spiral line)

15.30-16.30 5th Lab. Upper arms-lymphatic drainage/shaping

6th Lab: Abdominals- shaping

(Front, spiral and Deep front lines)


Beautystim® Tools.

Beautystim ® Technique includes specific therapeutic strokes for the diagnosis and aesthetic treatment which the health scientist/aesthetician performs using specially designed stainless steel tools – the Beautystim ®Tools.

There are three Beautystim ® Tools (Cellulizer, I,II andΙΙΙ) designed and manufactured in an innovative way to facilitate the application of Beautystim® Technique.

The design innovations of Beautystim® Tools include fully ergonomic design, multi-functionality and facilitation of innovative grips and therapeutic applications.


Ergonomic design.

Have been designed for fully ergonomic use by the Certified Aestheticians. The tool handles offer perfect grip allowing the therapist to apply the Beautistim® Techniquestrokes with minimal effort and minimal exertion of the musculoskeletal structures of his upper extremities. In this way, the therapist expends significantly less effort, which means minimal disruption during the treatment session. 


Cellulizer is a double-bevelled clinical tool used for aesthetic assessment and treatment.

It comprises:

Two (2) convex edges for assessment and treatment

One (2) concave edge

Two (2) serrated sides (medium/high).

Thanks to its pioneering design, the Cellulizer:

  • can be easily handled by the therapist
  • is ideal for cellulite and lymphatic drainage treatment
  • is ideal for the in-depth assessment of myofascial restrictions and pathologies
  • has two (2) serrated sides designed to support gradual increase of pressure on tissues during treatment
  • is a multi-tool as the therapist can handle it in many ways and with many grips and apply all the Beautystim ® Τechnique strokes on large or small anatomic areas

5.3. Facelifter

Facelifter® is a double-bevelled clinical tool used for the assessment and treatment of the face-neck

aesthetical alterations.

It comprises:

One (1) medium convex edge for localized assessment and treatment

One (1) Medium concave edge

One (1) small concave for localized tissue treatment

Two (2) spots for localized treatment

One (1) innovative linear edge for targeted facial approaches.

Thanks to its pioneering design, the Facelifter:

• can be easily handled by the therapist (it allows a combination of single and

double grip applications)

• is ideal for body-shaping therapeutic approaches

• can be used for eyelid shaping

• has special spots for localized treatment.


F-pen® is a double-bevelled clinical tool used for local aesthetic applications.

It comprises:

One (1) serrated side for assessment and treatment

One (1) small concave for localized tissue traction and treatment

One (1) pen-style concave edge for assessment and treatment

Thanks to its pioneering design, the F-Pen:

• enables the localized aesthetical treatment application with minimal effort by the therapist

• can be used for eyelid shaping

• has special spots for localized treatment.