Ergon ® Tools

Les OUTILS ERGON ® sont conçus selon des approches ergonomiques modernes. Les poignées des outils offrent une tenue parfaite, de sorte que les techniques IASTM peuvent être réalisées avec moins d’effort et moins de pression sur les structures musculo-squelettiques du thérapeute.

Qu'est-ce que Ergon Technique

ΕRGON ® Technique est une approche thérapeutique innovante combinant des manipulations statiques et dynamiques des tissus mous du corps avec un équipement clinique spécial pour le traitement des pathologies neuro-musculo-squelettiques.

Upcoming Seminars

08-09/06/2018 BASIC ERGON IASTM Technique Seminar/ BRUSSELS- BELGIUM


2-3/06/2018 | BASIC ERGON ® IASTM Technique SEMINAR/ LONDON

Séminaire Basic Ergon ® (FM1)

Objectifs du séminaire BASIC ERGON®
L’objectif principal du séminaire BASIC ERGON® (FM1) est la formation théorique et pratique des participants aux techniques innovantes de traitement des tissus mous assistés par instruments ERGON®. La plus grande partie du séminaire concerne l’application guidée des techniques ERGON® dans toutes les structures anatomiques (basées sur les méridiens fasciaux du corps) et pour toutes les blessures musculo-squelettiques courantes.

Séminaire avancé Ergon ® (FM2)

Dans le séminaire Advanced Ergon® (FM2 – IASTM.GR), les stagiaires qui ont déjà suivi le séminaire Basic Ergon® et qui ont également appliqué les techniques spécifiques pendant une période d’au moins 2 mois, ont la possibilité d’élargir leur connaissance et pratique d’approches thérapeutiques de diverses pathologies et lésions musculo-squelettiques.

Ergon Technique

Découvrez Ergon Technique en action

Grâce aux techniques de tissu mou d’ERGON® TECHNIQUE, le thérapeute acquiert la capacité de

  • Évaluer les dysfonctionnements fasciaux potentiels,
  • Approche, de manière thérapeutique, des zones inaccessibles aux doigts humains,
  • Intervenir sur les tissus raides,
  • Restaurer l’amplitude des mouvements articulaires dans l’espace de quelques séances de traitement,
  • Produire une nouvelle blessure contrôlée et ciblée en cas de surmenage (tendinopathie – blessures dues à une sur-utilisation),
  • Accélérer la cicatrisation des tissus en activant les fibroblastes,
  • Traiter la majorité des blessures musculo-squelettiques et sportives,
  • Appliquer des techniques de réadaptation fonctionnelle,
  • Appliquer des techniques combinées (ERGON ®TECHNIQUE et kinésithérapie)

ERGON TECHNIQUE ... Le choix des champions.

ERGON ® TECHNIQUE une approche de traitement importante pour la réhabilitation des blessures sportives majeures, considérant que, avec l’utilisation d’instruments cliniques, le physiothérapeute sera en mesure de

  • Mobiliser les gonflements – hématomes
  • Améliorer la circulation sanguine et lymphatique
  • Aligner les fibres en cours de cicatrisation
  • Appliquez le massage de friction transversal aux désordres tendineux
  • Réduire le tonus musculaire et les spasmes
  • Accélérer la guérison
  • Augmenter l’amplitude articulaire dans les situations postopératoires

Release soft tissue adhesions with ergon technique

During the subacute phase of the injury, following the removal of swelling-hematoma and commencement of tissue reattachment and scar tissue accumulation, instrument-assisted massage plays a crucial role in proper rehabilitation. The application of linear and transverse manipulations, with clinical tools placed in parallel and vertically to the direction of the normal arrangement of fibers in the injured anatomical area, creates a tendency for linear reattachment, and also decreases the accumulation of scar tissue and the creation of adhesions.

The alignment and decrease in the percentage of stiff connective tissue in the area of injury (especially if it concerns muscle tissue) will lessen the loss of functionality (elasticity and strength) associated with the presence of adhesions, while it will also simultaneously decreases the risk of regression of injury.The specialized use of clinical tools can “dissolve” fibrous accumulations, which can obstruct the flow of interstitial fluid due to their clogging of microscopic pores in the fascia, and thus restore the circulation of interstitial fluid.

These significant effects of IASTM Technique in tissue rehabilitation, as outlined in the above sections, have been supported by reports from researches conducted on animals, which were artificially subjected to muscle strains and subsequently received, in a randomized trial, massage as basic treatment. Muscles that had received special massage presented normal microscopic images, in comparison to muscles that weren’t treated with massage; they also presented histological adjustments such as a) myofibrillar disorganization, b) significant accumulation of connective – scar tissue, c) residual contusion, d) increased number of nuclei in the connective tissue, and e) enlargement of blood vessels, accompanied by thickening of their walls.

Furthermore, Ergon® Technique can also restart the proper rehabilitation of a musculoskeletal injury due to overuse, which is characterized by histological degeneration, thickening and neovascularization (tendon disorders, tendinitises, scar tissue adhesions) through a controlled reinjury of the area and subsequent therapeutic intervention, aiming at a) decreasing the scar accumulation, and b) increasing elasticity – functionality of the injured area.

“As a health and fitness professional, I believe that IASTM is a great tool to have especially if you deal with athletes. What makes Ergon Technique unique is that, Ergon work alongside with Universities, clinical centers and also professional sports clubs. The Ergon tools are designed based on modern ergonomic approaches which makes me eager to put my hands on it”. Muhammad Sufi

Health and fitness professional

“The Ergon technique and Tools have helped me very much in treating elite athletes considering that in professional sports the demands are high while time is limited. In Olympic Games, where theres no sufficient time for proper rehabilitation, Ergon Tools are the best option for the athletes rehabilitation. “ Nikolaos Koulopoulos

Physiothérapeute de l'équipe nationale grecque de football

“Ergon Seminar-a fully clinical educational weekend on musculoskeletal – athletic physiotherapy!! Interactive moments of discussion and therapy took place among honorable colleagues enriching constructively the two-days course!!!” Charis Anastasiou


“I was very satisfied from the Ergon IASTM Seminar. It was admittedly an amazing course. Amazing transmissibility of a method that opens new horizons. I obtained knowledge in order to be able to start immediately the application of the technique to my patients. I whole heartedly recommend this to my colleagues and I am certain that in a few years we will all be speaking aout and dealing with fascia as well as the benefits of soft tissue mobilization.” Maria Kazamia


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