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    IASTM Course

ERGON® Basic IASTM Course

Basic Course

A comprehensive hands-on course on Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. We introduce you to the holistic ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE therapy, praised by therapists and patients alike for its efficiency.

You build your knowledge on basic concepts of soft tissue treatment, fascia therapy and myofascial release. Theory is followed by hands-on guided application of ERGON IASTM basic techniques. You learn how to use the ERGON IASTM Tools to assess soft tissue dysfunctions and make a holistic evaluation of the human body. You are now able to select the most efficient techniques for treating all common musculoskeletal problems and injuries. You master the application of 10 unique basic ERGON strokes and techniques in a safe and effective manner. Become a certified ERGON IASTM provider!

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ERGON® Advanced IASTM Course

Advanced Course

Designed to boost your treatment potential for musculoskeletal problems and athletic injuries. We offer to our BASIC COURSE graduates this top level IASTM course, as exclusively taught to medical staff of professional teams such as JUVENTUS F.C, MILAN F.C, ARSENAL F.C + 10 more.

You become a top-level therapist with the ability to generate remarkable results in short time. You learn how to use the ERGON IASTM Tools in combination with movement to induce targeted physiological responses. You are now able to prepare athletes for their best game, enhance their performance, prevent injuries and shorten post game recovery. Imagine what you will be able to do for regular musculoskeletal patients. Become a certified ERGON IASTM therapist!

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ERGON® Beautystim IASTM Course

Beautystim Course

Designed to launch you into the amazing world of IASTM for advanced aesthetics.For the first time in soft tissue therapy, IASTM techniques are systematized to restore soft tissue to optimum health while restoring body and face appearance.

Designed for beauty therapists, physiotherapists, and other trained professionals who wish to provide aesthetic treatment based on fascia. Beautystim introduces mobilization of fascia, muscle, lymph and fat with the use of medical grade stainless steel tools, the Beautystim Tools. You learn how to use the Beautystim Tools to assess fascia pathologies causing aesthetic concerns. You are now able to provide holistic aesthetic treatment of the face and body, improving overall wellness. Become a certified Beautystim IASTM therapist!

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  • Iastm Tools

    ERGON® IASTM Tools

    3 smooth solid stainless-steel tools in a thick fabric case with 3 tool-matching sockets.

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  • beautystim tools
    Iastm Tools

    ERGON® Beautystim Tools

    3 elegantly designed versatile stainless-steel tools in a light solid case

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  • ergon-cream

    The ERGON Cream

    The ERGON IASTM cream is an emollient that helps IASTM instruments glide over the skin. The ERGON IASTM Cream formulation is ideal for Manual Therapy and Massage.

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We strive to empower therapists worldwide to provide high quality soft tissue treatment.

in Europe, America, Africa and Asia where ERGON is active
trained in Basic, Advanced and Beautystim ERGON IASTM courses
Sports teams
medical staff trained

ERGON Courses

Boost your IASTM knowledge and skills with our in-class courses. Check out below dates and locations worldwide.

Upcoming training

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  • Saturday 09 September 2023 - Sunday 10 September 2023
    Advanced Ergon Course (FM2) - Volos

    2 Days


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  • Saturday 17 December 2022 - Sunday 18 December 2022
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Skopje

    2 Days


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  • Saturday 11 March 2023 - Sunday 12 March 2023
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Istanbul

    2 Days


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  • Sunday 12 February 2023 - Monday 13 February 2023
    Beautystim IASTM Course - Venice

    2 Days


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  • Sunday 08 January 2023 - Monday 09 January 2023
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Tokyo

    2 Days


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  • Saturday 18 March 2023 - Sunday 19 March 2023
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Naples

    2 Days


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  • Saturday 04 March 2023 - Sunday 05 March 2023
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Zurich

    1 Day


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  • Friday 06 January 2023 - Saturday 07 January 2023
    Basic Ergon Course (FM1) - Qatar

    1 Day


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  • Saturday 07 October 2023 - Sunday 08 October 2023
    Advanced Ergon Course (FM2) - Verona

    2 Days


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  • Saturday 03 June 2023 - Sunday 04 June 2023
    Advanced Ergon Course (FM1) - Budapest

    2 Days


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Online Education



100% online education - Learn how to apply all ERGON IASTM strokes, basic and advanced, and how to treat soft tissue.

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